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02 July 2024

More People Are Getting Dentures For Missing Teeth – Here’s Why

The clinical team at The Smile Studios have helped thousands of patients resurrect their teeth, including when teeth have been lost to gum disease, decay, and injuries. We’ve seen first-hand how distressed patients can become when they don’t have a healthy and natural-looking set of teeth. Getting dentures to resolve the issue of missing teeth is one of the most meaningful decisions you will take for the sake of your happiness and health.

The dentures of 2024 are a long way from those created 30 or 40 years ago. And believe us when we say that’s a good thing! Today’s dentures are now:

  • More natural-looking.
  • Easier to chew and bite with.
  • Effective for preserving your oral health and oral structures.

Learn more about how modern dentures are becoming one of the most sought-after dental treatments and why, below.


Smoother Patient Experience

Huge strides have been made in the realm of denture design. But it’s not just the dentures themselves that have changed. The patient experience is so much smoother, especially if you choose to go private with your dental care.

As a private dental practice, we can offer digital impression-taking when we come to assemble all of the necessary clinical information needed to make your dentures.

Digital impressions streamline the process in the following ways:

  • Your dentist saves time as the scanner takes extremely high-definition images of your teeth and surrounding structures, reducing the overall treatment time.
  • No invasive materials are used (such as dental putty). We rely on image technology, so patients need not have to go through the discomfort of gagging on dental putty, which can be particularly challenging for nervous patients, or those with a sensitive gag reflex.
  • Digital impression-taking minimises the potential for error, minimising chair time and the need to re-do impressions in the future.


Dentist with gloved hands holding a set of top dentures


You Have The Option Of Implant Dentures

When you looked up ‘Dentures Muswell Hill’ in Google, you may have landed on our implant dentures page.

This type of denture is a cut above the rest. Whilst traditional dentures will undoubtedly change your life for the better, implant dentures can take this even further.

Implant dentures are dentures which remain in place not with the help of suction, but with the support of replacement tooth roots (implants). These new tooth roots are a total game-changer, re-establishing the connection between the jaw and the teeth. This essential connection ensures that the jawbone is protected from wasting away (clinically known as resorption) and that your chewing function is almost exactly as it was when you had your own teeth.

Thanks to modern dental care, implant dentures are now a realistic option for patients with very little jawbone density. Such an option would have been closed off to them in the past, as the advanced 3D scanning technology to gain an understanding of a patients’ jaw anatomy was not available.


They’re More Stain-Resistant

The materials used for today’s denture designs are significantly more stain-resistant than in the past.

Whilst this isn’t an invitation to go and enjoy a banquet of teeth-staining food and drink, it’s certainly good news for patients who are self-conscious about their tooth shade. As dentures cannot be whitened using dentist-prescribed peroxide gels, this is a significant benefit that will help you keep on smiling when you’re socialising and in photographs.


Natural Aesthetics Like Never Before

At The Smile Studios, we focus as much attention on aesthetics as we do on functionality when it comes to denture design.

With the natural-looking materials now available to us, we can create dentures that are aesthetically closer to real teeth than teeth that look ‘fake’. We use materials such as acrylic resin, porcelain, and composite materials to capture the translucent appearance of real tooth enamel.

Everything about your dentures will be customised, and we use advanced manufacturing techniques to allow for precision across everything including:

  • The size of each tooth.
  • The width and length ratio of each tooth.
  • How your dentures will sit on top of your gum line.
  • How your dentures will support your facial structure (cheeks and lower face).

Elderly lady checking her new dentures in the mirror at the dentist.

Chewing And Biting With Dentures Has Become Easier Than Ever

The denture placement techniques used today facilitate chewing and biting ability when you’re eating foods of all different textures. This, coupled with a precise fit, means the issue of slipping and sliding dentures is kept to a minimum. To enhance this capacity even further, you may wish to consider the implant denture option we mentioned earlier in the blog.


Why Choose The Smile Studios For Denture Design And Treatment?

The Smile Studios group is headed by Dr Mani Bhardwaj, who ensures quality is at the forefront of every clinic, including Muswell Hill. Dr Mani lectures at national and international events, having proved himself to be a leading authority on multiple areas of restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

Since starting The Smile Studios group, Dr Mani has invested in equipment and technologies that streamline the patient experience. Each member of his clinical staff and reception teams has been carefully selected for their skills, attention to detail, and desire to help patients become the healthiest and happiest version of themselves.

We believe that treatment to replace missing teeth with dentures can and should be life-changing. We will work hard to deliver a result that keeps you smiling every single day, and we offer speedy denture repairs for when an emergency strikes.


Contact Our Helpful Reception Team Today

We’re getting more Google searches for ‘Dentures Muswell Hill’ than ever before. It’s fantastic to see that patients are seeking to invest in their dental health in this way, and we’re right behind them in this undertaking.

If you’re looking for a private dentist in Muswell Hill to set you on the path to a new and improved smile, please get in touch with us. We offer no-obligation consultations, giving you a chance to explore your options and make the right decision for the future of your smile, teeth, dental health, and emotional wellbeing.

We look forward to being a part of your journey.

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