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16 April 2014

Mini Implants

Mini dental implants or MDI are miniature dental implants that have most of the benefits of a full-sized implant minus the high costs (one third cheaper) and the complexity of installation of conventional implants. Mini implants are gaining much more attention in the practice of dental medicine as it is more practical and usable especially for people who only need implants to stabilize their lower dentures. Mini implants are no different in function to conventional implants. These are more preferred today by dentists and patients because of the longevity of the implants. Its high costs are well justified as the risks for fractures are very low. Like natural teeth, proper care is the secret in making sure that the implant lasts long.

Mini implants: Some Key Details

Mini implants are made from titanium or titanium alloy. This kind of metal is known for its strength and suitability (tolerated by the jaw bone) for dental use making integration faster and safer. These mini implants can be installed in just a couple of hours using only a local anaesthetic. There is less discomfort and shorter recovery time making it possible for the patient to walk out from the dental clinic already using the anchor the implant provided to secure false teeth.

What is MDI usually used for?

Mini dental implants are usually used to secure dentures and provide anchor points for bridges. In some cases it is used as the platform for a false tooth to fit in. For many years many people with full lower dentures have limited social life as they are afraid to have an embarrassing experience with dentures falling out at the worst of times. Mini implants can help provide a tight fit yet still removable denture. The result is a natural looking smile, courage to bite into steak, and uninhibited social life. The feel of natural teeth is restored thanks to the anchor points these mini implants provide for. Dentures can become loose overtime as the ridge in the gums narrows down with aging. The necessity to fasten even well made dentures is a known fact. An MDI is the best option to do just that.

Are mini dental implants safe?

Mini dental implants are very safe. First of all these are smaller. These have the same width as wooden toothpicks. Its strength comes from the multiple points it is inserted into the jaw bone. Because of its size the procedure to have it inserted into the gums is simpler. Insertion of conventional dental implants can be a long process. The gum is cut up and the jaw bone exposed so that holes can be drilled through for the placement of the titanium appliance. However there are times when the titanium fittings are not integrating satisfactorily after the allowed time. This can mean the bone density in the jaw is not enough to support the titanium appliance. This necessitates bone grafts which can easily become a long procedure. In this case mini implants can be considered over conventional implants. This makes MDIs a safer, more practical option in some cases.

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