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Dr Mani featured on ITV News on 12/7/2015 providing his expert opinion on the crisis decaying children’s teeth and the risks of sugary foods.


Dr Mani interview with Cosmopolitan

Mouth taping is all over TikTok – but does it actually have any benefits? – View Here

Bad oral hygiene could lead to ‘black hairy tongue’ – expert shares how to avoid – View Here

Stop grinding your teeth at night with the help of our dental experts –View Here


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  • Philips Sonicare Air Floss AdDr Mani quote featured in the new Philips Sonicare AirFloss Ad
  • Diamond Clean Toothbrush AdDr Mani quote featured in the new Philips Sonicare DiamondClean toothbrush ad


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  • Philips Sonicare Air Floss AdThe Smile Studios Heston is voted one of the top 3 dentists in Hounslow
    October 2015


  • The Smile Studio’s Heston passes it’s 2015 CQC Inspection
    Click here to view our report

    June 2015
  • The Smile Studios : Richmond has won a prestigious Customer Service Award from
    February 2015
    Only a small number of clinics meet the highest criteria of professionalism that allows them to win this award.
  • Evening Standard: Dr Mani discusses ‘A plan for Business’

    Nov 2014
  • Dr Mani gives expert advice and his professional thoughts on Teeth Whitening and cosmetics for Tescos
    Oct 2014
  • Dr Mani gives future of dentistry lecture with insight into the General Dental Practice world to final year student at the Dental Academy in Portsmouth University
    June 2013
  • The Smile Studios Richmond has its CQC Inspection and passes with flying colour’s. Click here to view our report
    May 2013
  • Dr Mani lectures at Liverpool University to the final year dental students.
    May 2013
  • Dr Mani Lectures on the Future of Dentistry and Success in Practice, at the annual British Dental Students Association Conference 2013 held at Leeds City Museum.
    March 2013
  • The Smile Studios and Dr Mani have been featured in The Dental Practice Journal for the new Zoom treatment, and Dr Mani gave his expert opinion on the whole product too.
    March 2013
  • Check out our new Mobile Site! Just go to from your mobile phone.
    Fast easy access to The Smile Studios Group, tailored to your smartphone.

    March 2013
  • Dr Mani and The Smile Studios featured in the BDJ for launch of the EU New Zoom procedure.
    March 2013
  • Dr Mani is selected to be a member of the editorial board for The Smile Journal, alongside 9 other key dental professionals.
    February 2013
  • Dr Mani lectures at the BDA Careers Day 2013 held at Russel Hotel London and helps the future dentists in pursuing successful careers in dentistry.
    February 2013
  • The Smile Studios and Dr Mani have helped to launch the new Zoom EU product
    February 2013A press events day was held at Richmond branch 8/2/13 – this event was very successful and the live demonstrations went amazingly well and results will be published in dental press across the UK, Europe and USA.
  • The Smile Studios : Richmond has won a prestigious Customer Service Award from
    February 2013Only a small number of clinics meet the highest criteria of professionalism that allows them to win this award.
  • Dr Mani lectures at Philips Oral Healthcare Summit 2013
    30 January 2013Dr Mani lectures on the trend of dentistry at present and how it will impact patients and how we wish to improve it.
  • Christmas E-Card
    January 2013The Smile Studios Richmond send out a e-card for christmas designed by our very own patient
    E-Card designed by
  • MyFaceMyBody Awards
    5 November 2012Unfortunately we did not win the competition this year for the MyFaceMyBody Awards, however we came in the top 6 from over 500 dental clinics in the UK.We would like to thank all our patients who supported us. We always strive to provide the best dental care to our patients and their families.
  • Dentistry Awards 2012
    2 October 2012
    We have been shortlisted for Best Practice in London, Best Dental Team in London, and Best Young Dentist – Dr Mani.
  • MyFaceMyBody Awards
    12 September 2012We are finalists for Best Dental Practice in the MyFaceMyBody Awards. Please support us by voting on us here and on MyFaceMyBody’s Facebook & Twitter pages
  • Fearne Cotton gets her teeth whitened at The Smile Studios Richmond as featured in Heat, Daily Mail, The Sun
    29 May 2010She tweeted after the session:
    “After yesterday’s teeth whitening I can’t drink coffee. I’ve not gone a day without coffee for ten years, help.”
  • Dr Mani Speaks to Students about Brushing
    24 May 2010
    Read More
  • Dr Mani Announced as Brand Ambassador for Sonicare
    13 May 2010


  • Portsmouth University
    June 2013
  • Liverpool University
    May 2013
  • British Dental Students Association Conference, Leeds City Museum 2013
    March 2013
  • Birmingham University
    17 April 2012
  • Cardiff University
    3 April 2012
  • Peninsula University
    21 March 2012
  • Lecture BDA Careers Day
    3 March 2012
  • Sheffield University
    8 February 2012
  • Leeds University
    26 January 2012
  • Dundee University
    12 January 2012
  • Newcastle University
    8 December 2011
  • Manchester University
    25 November 2011
  • Bristol University
    14 November 2011
  • QMW Barts University
    17 October 2011
  • Newcastle University Lecture BDSA
    31 March 2011

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