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11 April 2014

Invisalign System

For a long time now metal wire braces have been the standard choice for aligning crooked teeth and addressing teeth gap issues in the practice of orthodontics. But metal wire braces can damage surrounding soft tissues in the mouth and the tightening effects of the wire also causes general discomfort, even pain. Invisalign changes orthodontics forever by giving all the same advantages of metal wire braces minus the discomfort and the bulky appliance metal braces are well known for.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a type of invisible aligner that can help correct crooked teeth and teeth spacing problems. These aligners are replaced every two weeks and the correction in the teeth is slowly achieved as the invisible appliance is replaced with a new one which has a new setting for the teeth to align to. Invisalign is made possible by 3D computer modeling that allows a dental professional to make a virtually invisible solution to common teeth alignment problems. The teeth are positioned gradually with Invisalign’s aligners and in 6 months to a year, crooked teeth can be a thing of the past.

Why Invisalign?

Why should people go for Invisalign over metal wire braces? Invisalign are definitely more comfortable. It does not cause irritation and inflammation in the gums just like metal braces do. It is also more convenient to use. There is no bulky installation in the teeth. People who have it are only required to wear the aligner for 22 hours a day. It can be removed during eating and brushing. This provides for two things: first, the person who has Invisalign can have a more pleasant dining experience and he or she does not have to worry about food being trapped in the aligner. This is exactly the opposite with metal wire braces. Second, those who have Invisalign can have an easier time cleaning the teeth through brushing and flossing. Those who have metal braces often have to forego flossing which can cause serious dental health problems later on knowing that metal braces are not designed to be removed until complete teeth alignment is achieved. Invisalign is also invisible to the naked eye. This is good news for people who are in an advanced age and are afraid to be singled out as someone too “old” for orthodontic interventions.

Invisalign can change lives

Many people are robbed of quality life because of simple dental problems like having crooked teeth. Some forego social occasions because they are too conscious of the way their pearly whites look. Many miss opportunities in life simply because they feel that how they look (how their pearly whites look) is not at par with what is desirable to other people. Invisalign allows people to have their dental issues corrected without looking they are trying too hard, too late. The pursuit for looking good does not have to be limited and dictated by age. With the right solution, aesthetic problems in the teeth can be addressed easily, safely, and quickly.

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