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09 April 2014

How Quick Can We Correct the Crooked Teeth?

Crooked teeth may not be attractive most of the time and they may create problems, especially with one’s speech. Fortunately, they can be easily corrected using various dental solutions these days. Each solution just has varied periods of time in which it can straighten out the affected teeth.

What Are the Necessary Tests?

Consulting an orthodontist is necessary. Photographs and X-rays of the patient’s face will be obtained, as well as the impressions of their teeth. Regular photos will also be taken to have the jaws’ condition examined in relation to the teeth.

Types of Teeth Straightening Dental Techniques

There are various techniques that can be performed to straighten crooked teeth and each one can effectively work within varying durations.

  • Fixed orthodontic braces. These are often used on young children, who have to endure eating, speaking, and talking with metal wire brackets covering their teeth. They are designed to push the teeth into a straighter position through the constant application of gentle pressure. Results from wearing these braces may start to show after two years. Now, friction-free braces and tooth-coloured ceramic brackets are already available.
  • Lingual braces. These are developed to be attached to the back of the teeth. They are certainly not comfortable to wear, but they are advantageous in that they are discreet. Lingual braces are also used to help patients with severe orthodontic cases.
  • Labial fixed braces. These braces are placed on the front of the teeth, but they are now smaller and less visible these days. Young children can even have fun with theirs by changing the braces’ coloured elastics. They are available in crystal and ceramic braces, which can correct the teeth within the same duration.
  • Invisalign. They don’t use visible wires, which is why they are preferred by adults who did not want to be teased about braces. Clear aligners are used to guide the teeth into a straighter location, although this should be replaced every two weeks until the teeth’s treatment is completed. They can be removed during brushing and eating as well.
  • Six-month smile. The dentist will work on the teeth that are visible every time the patient smiles. This technique uses nickel wires to move the teeth into their envisioned position.
  • Inman aligner. It is a hybrid between metal and invisible teeth straightening systems. The teeth are moved by applying force to the removable aligner and results can be seen in a six to sixteen weeks.
  • Damon braces. These braces do not use elastic ties, causing zero friction to the gum tissue. This makes it a fast yet comfortable solution to straighter teeth.
  • Porcelain veneers.  These do not actually do anything to straighten the teeth. They just give the appearance of white, straight teeth that is expected to last for years. However, they are only recommended for people who don’t have severely misaligned teeth.

A discussion with the dentist would help the patients decide which teeth straightening technique is best for them. That’s why dental clinics that offer no obligation consultations, such as The Smile Studio, are widely appreciated.

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