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01 April 2014

How Effective Is the Snap On Smile?

If you are unhappy with your smile yet can’t go to the dentist because of fear or worry about what might happen to you, a Snap On Smile would be perfect. It does not only improve your smile and teeth, but your entire appearance as well.

What Is a Snap On Smile?

It is an acrylic shield made of flexible and durable material that covers the natural teeth and puts them in the right place. It does not cover the roof of your mouth or your gum line and can be removed even without the help of a dentist. Snap On Smile is manufactured by Cerinate, an American company that also makes Lumineers.

It is composed of very strong resin that is around 0.5mm thick. Since it does not stain easily, it is low maintenance. Snap On Smile is also sold with a cleaning kit and cleaning agents.

Advantages of a Snap On Smile

Its biggest advantage is how it is a completely non-invasive procedure. There is no drilling, cutting, injection, or extraction involved in putting the Snap On Smile in place. This is why it is popular among people who are scared of dentists and dental surgeries.

It is relatively more affordable than crowns, porcelain veneers, or other types of cosmetic treatments. You can smile even more widely with this in mind.

The Snap On Smile is also a temporary solution that can help you test whether you will look good with the more permanent porcelain veneers.

Another benefit from using this treatment is that it is absolutely low maintenance. It does not even feel weird when worn, so your speaking and eating habits will not be heavily affected.

Tooth sensitivity can be avoided as well due to the lack of tooth shaving in installing your perfect smile. It can even be used to replace a missing tooth without a dreadful surgery.

How a Snap On Smile Works

A Snap On Smile can be worn every single day, which means that you will always maintain a beautiful smile without frequenting your dentist excessively. This is recommended to patients who don’t want or can’t afford porcelain veneers. It is also used among older patients whose health puts them at risk when they push through with a dental surgery. Snap On Smile is also preferred for people with cancer of gum disease. If you can’t decide whether to get one yourself, it would help if you consult with experts. Some dental clinics provide free consultation about matters like this, such as The Smile Studio.

How to Care for Your Snap On Smile

The most important rule in wearing a Snap On Smile is not to wear it to bed, although some dentists have their patients treat it as a night guard for those with grinding or clenching problems. If it is well taken care of, it can last for a year or so. However, it can be damaged if too much force is exerted on it. Cerinate’s guarantee only covers it for 90 days.

You can’t find any other temporary and removable solution that can correct your smile in the market. If you want to see more of your options to improve your smile, consult with your dentist.

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