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09 December 2014

Facts and Myths About Root Canal Treatments

If your dentist recommends you to undergo root canal treatment, chances are, you’re feeling very anxious about it based on a few “horror” stories you’ve heard. In fact, the mere mention of “root canal” triggers associations with pain. There may have been a grain of truth to that common association before, but with technological advancements in the field of dentistry, pain has now become a distant memory. To dispel your anxiety and clear up other misconceptions regarding root canal treatments, here are the most common root canal facts and myths. In the battle against root canal, knowledge is your best weapon. Knowing what’s true and what isn’t helps you to calm down and be better prepared.

Myth: A root canal treatment is an extremely painful procedure.

First of all, a root canal does not cause pain. In fact, root canal treatments are performed primarily to relieve the patient’s pain. This pain is caused by a dental infection or the inflammation of the pulp chamber, where the nerve of the tooth is located. This belief goes way back into the past when the anaesthesia used wasn’t enough to prevent the patient from feeling anything during the entire procedure. However, advancements in technology, dental procedures, and anaesthesia also mean that you won’t feel as much pain as a pinch. In severe cases like widespread dental infection, the anaesthesia may not be enough and the dentist may prescribe you with antibiotics prior to root canal treatment.

Fact: A root canal treatment is expensive.

A root canal treatment is certainly pricier than your average dental cleaning, but it is effective. It saves your tooth and preserves it so it can do its job such as chewing and biting food. Costs may vary depending on how many canals your tooth has, whether it’s your first time to receive root canal treatment, and who performs the procedure. A root canal specialist would of course, charge higher than a general dentist.

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Myth: The pain goes away immediately after a root canal procedure.

After root canal treatment, it’s normal for the patient’s tooth to feel sensitive during the first few days. Sensitivity also involves mild pain which can be felt while chewing. More often than not, the pain is minimal and does not interfere with your appetite or the way you eat. Your dentist would most likely prescribe you with painkillers after the procedure to help minimize the pain and discomfort.

Fact: You need a dental crown after root canal treatment.

Teeth that need root canal treatment usually have large cavities or big fillings. A tooth with a big filling easily runs the risk of being fractured than natural, healthy teeth, and a crown serves as an effective protective armour against damage. For this reason, the dentist may recommend the placing of a post and covering the tooth with a crown to make it stronger.

Myth: A root canal kills the tooth.

A root canal does not kill the infected, problematic tooth. Instead, what it does is to clean and disinfect the inside of the tooth, allowing it to heal. You feel pain because your tooth’s nerve is signalling that something is wrong with the tooth, which might be an indicator for decay, infection, inflammation, injury, or trauma.

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