Snap On Smiles

Snap On Smiles

A sensational smile – in a snap!

Snap-On Smile is a revolutionary cosmetic dental appliance with an exclusive design that is strong, flexible, and — snaps right over your own teeth.

Using the undercuts around your teeth, the Snap-on Smile does not cover the roof of your mouth like a denture or press against your gum line. Easily removable and completely reversible Snap-On-Smile is an excellent non-invasive, temporary, and affordable approach to cosmetic dentistry.

Much more than a beautiful set of perfect teeth Snap-On-Smile is the ideal solution for a wide variety of short- and long-term cosmetic dental challenges. It can serve as a way for you to see how your teeth will look with veneers, before having such a treatment done. It can also serve as a temporary aesthetic solution for short-term or one-time social circumstances, such a improving your smile for your wedding day when time constraints wouldn’t allow you to complete permanent veneer treatments.

Snap-On-Smile can instantly improve your smile for years – or for a day – and do so affordably!

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