Children’s Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry Richmond

The rapport built during the early years can ensure your children see their dentist as a healer and helper. So, if an unfortunate injury requires our specialised dental care, your child knows we are here to support, heal, and maintain their oral health.

Healthy Habits Start Early On

Your child’s first tooth should begin to come through around the age of 6 months. Once the teething process has started, you should consider bringing them in to see us so that they can get used to the dental practice setting.

During their first few visits, we’re unlikely to assess them properly – it’s more about building trust with them, and encouraging them to open their mouths so that a full examination can be undertaken at some point in the future when they feel ready.

We believe fun and a sense of humour go a long way – there’s no reason your child should grow up being scared of the dentist if they’ve had a great start to their oral care. We will always strive to help your child feel confident, in control, and interested in growing up with an independent approach to oral care.

What Do You Look for When Examining My Child’s Teeth?

During your child’s visits, we will look for:

  • Signs of decay.
  • Signs of infection or disease.
  • Jaw development.
  • Soft tissue anomalies.
  • Structural anomalies.


Working Together With You

We really value the importance of establishing a great relationship with parents, so they have the tools to support their child’s at-home oral care. If you’ve been facing challenges with getting your child to eat the right diet, and to brush properly, please let us know. Our dentists have plenty of proven techniques they can suggest to help make this easier.

How Much Is Children’s Dentistry?

Bring your children by The Smile Studios and begin their lifelong journey of good dental health. We look forward to meeting them at the clinic nearest to you in Richmond, Palmers Green, Heston, Muswell Hill and Cockfosters.

We offer free examinations for under 5s if a parent is registered with us. To see our full fee list, please click here.

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