You want to find teeth whitening in Surrey?


You want to find tooth whitening in Surrey because you want to look your best, with a smile that dazzles and projects an image of self-confidence. But lately, the person looking back at you in the mirror doesn’t have that dazzling, self-confident smile. That smile can be yours through premium tooth whitening in Surrey available at The Smile Studio where the advanced whitening treatments, Philips Zoom White Speed LED and Britesmile LED, are used. Well known for their tooth whitening dental services, The Smile Studio, led by Dr Mani, offer premier whitening consultations and treatments. Your oral health can be tightly tied to a positive view of yourself and the first impression you make on those you meet. We all want to be remembered for our friendly, sparkling smile and the simplicity of tooth whitening in Surrey means your teeth can be whitened safely and beautifully in a single chair-side treatment, possibly in as little time as your lunch hour. As the most often requested and performed dental care treatment, whitening can produce dramatic results with no discomfort to the patient.

The Smile Studios performs tooth whitening in Surrey every day, providing cosmetic dental consultations prior to whitening to ensure the most natural look is achieved and that the patient’s teeth are free of cavities and enamel cracks or fissures. The cool-light activation process used by dentists at The Smile Studios, along with the protective gum dams, ensures a completely comfortable whitening experience. Patients who receive tooth whitening in Surrey from The Smile Studio dentists will be well informed of the whitening process not only before their treatment, but also during their treatment. Knowing what is involved with a procedure and what to expect can only add to each whitening patient’s positive experience.

The whitening consultation will also advise you that replacement teeth and veneers cannot be whitened, and that the best results are attained by whitening the teeth 2-3 shades lighter only. Your Smile Studios cosmetic dentist wants your tooth whitening in Surrey to give you the smile you desire – the smile that allows you to confidently meet and greet the world in all your social and business encounters. As the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment in the UK, tooth whitening is safe, easily accomplished and – in Surrey – available through the cosmetic dentistry services performed at The Smile Studio. Contact us today to find out more about tooth whitening in Surrey and how you can reveal your dream smile!

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