Does insurance cover all my dental costs?


What costs your dental insurance can and cannot cover depends on the type of plan or package you have availed. Understand that most dental insurance plans are set up similarly to medical plans. Most dental insurance plans rely on a network of contracted providers offering discounted services based on the rates indicated on the plan. Individual costs and coverage will depend on the type of dental insurance package you have chosen. Like medical plans, dental plans may not cover every service, procedure, treatment, or medication your dentist has performed on you or suggested for you. For example, some dental insurance plans do not cover costs for dental implants and services with purely cosmetic functions such as teeth whitening.

In reality, there is no dental insurance plan that’s set up to cover all of your dental care costs. The important thing to know is that dental insurance is a benefit that can help you reduce the costs of your dental care.

In reducing the costs of dental care services you avail, the next best thing you can rely on are discounts, promos, and special offers provided by your dental healthcare provider.

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