Damon Braces Richmond

Teeth straightening in comfort – and with fewer appointments!

The Damon Braces System is an innovative orthodontic system that utilises brackets that securely hold the bracing wires. This special design eliminates the need of elastics to hold the wire in place and allows the teeth to be adjusted without friction and with low force on individual teeth.

Damon Braces TW9

Damon braces use very light, yet strong, wires to accomplish quicker results than traditional wire braces. The combination of the system’s special design and lighter wire means a more comfortable experience for the wearer.

Damon braces are an ideal teeth straightening system for people of all ages from teenagers to adults.

Many patients follow up their successful Damon braces treatment with a teeth whitening treatment to add a beautifully dazzling finale to their new, fabulous smile.

What makes the Damon Braces System different from traditional wire braces?

  • Shorter treatment times, cut by as much as 25% with the Damon System
  • Fewer adjustment appointments
  • Reduced discomfort, since no wire tightening is required
  • Can enhance facial aesthetics
  • Less likelihood of teeth needing to be removed
Damon Braces Richmond Damon Braces Richmond