Sports Mouth Guards

Sports Mouth Guards

The opportunity for mouth injuries while playing sports is relatively common and can happen to children or adults. Even the simplest fall or contact can loosen, chip or otherwise damage teeth.

To protect yourself and other sports enthusiasts in your family, it is best to get with your dentist before engaging in any contact sports. Your dentist can discuss mouth guard options that fit perfectly and protect completely.

There are inexpensive sports guards, known as boil and bites, which can be purchased from sports shops or chemists. While your cost may be low with these options, the protection is also going to be of a low quality due to the poor fit, which allows the guard to move about in the mouth and can cause a gag reflex.

It is important to safeguard your teeth, tongue and gums with a custom made mouth guard and offers such benefits as:

  • Protection from broken teeth, biting through the tongue, cheek lacerations and even breaking of the jaw bone
  • Avoiding long term financial costs for sports-related mouth injuries
  • Prevents psychological trauma from sports-related mouth injuries
  • Reduces the potential for concussion

Get in touch with one of clinics in Richmond, Palmers Green, Heston and Cockfosters to discuss the sports mouth guards options.

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