are known as “self ligating” braces that employ specialized brackets that allow the archwire to slide back and forth within the bracket. Damon® Braces do not need elastic or steel ties to hold the wire in place, increasing patient comfort and reducing the number of necessary and treatment time.

These specialized brackets are more efficient and effective, and provide an overall straighter smile at the completion of treatment.

Minimally invasive treatment approach with small and easy to clean , more comfortable and very effective self ligating braces which have clinically proven greater patients’ satisfaction and shorter treatment times. This bracket system creates less friction than older traditional braces which allows for smoother, faster and definitely more comfortable movement!

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Special benefits for adults: Bracelift!achieved by enhancing the facial aesthetics and providing a fuller, wider smile with straight teeth.

Damon Braces

One of the best revolutionary approaches to orthodontic treatment.

Damon braces offer a new generation of treatments including, Damon Q (where brackets are smaller and more discreet) and Damon Clear 2 braces (virtually invisible) which all produce fantastic results!

At Smile Studios we are among the leaders in Damon orthodontics and the fitting of Damon braces in London – just ring us to to book a complimentary consultation and find out more or find more information at www.damonbraces.com.

Benefits of Damon Braces

Comfortable -Damon braces’ unique slide mechanism allows your teeth to move fast while using less forces and friction.
Discreet -Damon braces are definitely smaller than any other type of conventional braces and if you decide to get Damon Clear braces, these will be practically invisible.
Hygienic – Damon braces’ use of sliding mechanics means there are less ligatures where plaque and bacteria can be accumulated compared with conventional braces s. This allows you to have better oral hygiene and health during your treatment.

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