Aesthetic ICE braces

Aesthetic ICE braces

High quality Ceramic Aesthetic Braces (Ice) for a wide range of orthodontic tooth movements and treatments which demand precision,high strength hand also performance compared to traditional metal fixed braces meaning that they can cope and adjust with any tooth movement of your teeth, unlike older types of ceramic braces which are prone to the possibility of fracturing under pressure.

Ceramic, or clear, braces are made of a translucent, clear material that makes them much less noticeable than metal braces. Their ability to blend in makes them very popular with adults and older teens. Ceramic brackets can be more fragile than metal braces and can also be abrasive to tooth enamel, so often ceramic brackets will only be used on the upper teeth.

However, depending on your needs, they can also be added to the bottom teeth. The ceramic braces we use won’t stain or discolour, so they will maintain the same attractive appearance throughout your entire treatment.

Aesthetic ICE braces:


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