Stop Snoring with Sleepwell™

If you are one of millions who suffer from snoring or sleep apnoea, you can find relief through the benefits of the Sleepwell™ mouthpiece.

A fully custom made snoring remedy, the Sleepwell mouthpiece is made in our laboratory out of specialised materials for maximum comfort as well as exacting fit. Sleepwell™ holds your jaw stable during sleep, keeping it from dropping back against your throat and fully or partially closing your airway. This allows you to breathe comfortably throughout the night and avoid the disruption of sleep apnoea, where your breathing can stop and cause you to wake suddenly, gasping for breath.

It is important that this type of snoring remedy is very comfortable so as to ensure you can wear it throughout the night. Sleepwell™ has unique features that make a positive difference to the wearer, such as custom fit, a soft inner lining, a design that allows side-to-side movement of your lower jaw, and self-adjustment capabilities. These features mean high levels of patient comfort, which also means maximum effectiveness.

In fact, clinical trials showed that 98% of patients stated that Sleepwell™ was an acceptable snoring remedy.

Sleepwell™ offers these benefits to people suffering from snoring:

  • A 95% success rate in reducing snoring
  • Wearer-adjustable for total flexibility and maximum effectiveness
  • Made of durable, innovative materials for long lasting use
  • Ergonomic, customised design for perfect fit and less bulk than other mouth pieces
  • Designed to allow side-to-side jaw movement
  • Protects airways and allows for deep, steady breathing during sleep

Will I be able to wear Sleepwell™ for the whole night?

Yes. Sleepwell™ is custom made to fit your mouth and has a soft inner lining that gives an even more comfortable fit. You can also self-adjust the fit for maximum comfort, plus the Sleepwell™ design allows side to side movement during sleep. You will find this mouth piece has a slender design and high comfort level that will allow you to wear this effective snoring remedy throughout the night.

Is Sleepwell™ available on the NHS?

No. The NHS has no provision for this form of treatment due to limited resources.

Does using Sleepwell™ require me to have perfectly healthy teeth?

Before you begin any treatment that might affect your teeth, is it best to visit your dentist to ensure you are a good candidate for that treatment. Most people are able to use and enjoy the benefits of Sleepwell™, but your dentist will be able to verify your acceptability.

Can denture wearers benefit from Sleepwell™?

Sleepwell™ designers are currently evaluating the use of an implant-retained mouthpiece for denture wearers with no natural teeth.

Will my snoring be permanently cured through Sleepwell™ treatments?

No permanent cure currently exists for snoring, only ongoing treatment. Fortunately, Sleepwell™ is so comfortable to use that the option of long term treatment is very manageable.

Can I sleep with my mouth closed?

Yes, but most of us sleep with our mouths slightly open even without a Sleepwell™ mouthpiece, so you will feel comfortable and natural while sleeping.

What if I have had dental restorations?

Sleepwell™ will normally create extra space around sensitive dental restorations as part of your custom made fit. Your dentist will discuss this circumstance with you.

How long will it take me to get used to wearing my Sleepwell™ mouthpiece?

For the first few nights, you may take a few minutes longer to fall asleep, but no more so than when you sleep with a new pillows. You may notice a natural reaction the first 2-3 nights of having more salivation or possibly a drier mouth. ™

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