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If you are reading this review as you're looking for a dentist for cosmetic or... general dentist work, read on, you need to go no where else - you will be in safe hands at The Smile Clinic.Here's my story. Back in 2017 I was looking for a dentist to help me with my issues with my teeth. My teeth were badly stained and no matter what amount of cleaning and polishing I did, nothing would bring them to a level that I was happy with. So I set about looking for a dentist to help me. Like you probably are, I 'interviewed' several dentists, Mani being one of them. Very quickly, Mani was very clearly head and shoulders above the rest because of the way he spoke to me, educated me, advised me and basically put me at ease during my initial free consultation. So, with my mind made up, I selected Mani and we set about getting my confidence back by smiling without trying to hide my teeth! Initially, I didn't want to go for full on Veneers so we selected a different treatment. Mani was so very thorough in his advice and technically telling me what was going on inside my mouth! I was absolutely thrilled with the first solution and my teeth were beautifully white for the first time in about 20 years.This year my circumstances changed and I decided to go with Veneers. Obviously, I wasn't going to let anyone else near my mouth apart from Mani! We started the journey together and he was amazing. I briefed him on what I wanted; I didn't want my teeth to look fake, I wanted to keep the shape of my teeth as that was important to me, I really like the shape of my teeth, just hate the colour!! I also didn't want to go 'Simon Cowell' white and Mani agreed, he doesn't push you for super white teeth or anything, he will actually advise on what will suit your skin tone and your smile, so I completely took on board what he was saying to me. Mani set to work on my teeth and the whole process was completed in 1 week. The treatment was completely painless and throughout the whole time I felt secure and safe, Mani is very good at constantly checking in on you when you're in the chair! His dental nurse, is also amazing, she's very attentive and she too made me feel at ease. I was initially nervous about doing it, but immediately as soon as I sat in that chair, I knew I had nothing to worry about.The treatment finished and I shot up out of the chair to go look at myself in the mirror and I was delighted, like the results surpassed everything I had imagined. So much so, the first thing I did after checking myself out !(!) was to throw my arms around Mani and his dental nurse - I was so grateful to them.Mani and his team probably don't even know just how much what they have done to me, has had a positive impact on my confidence. I would hide away, not smile and avoid photos like my life depended on it, but now there is no stopping me, I am showing my teeth off at every opportunity I can! Everyone has commented how beautiful they look and how natural they are. I am so happy now, I literally cannot put in to words how good I feel.To all the team at Richmond, you truly are the best. Bee is an amazing Hygienist, the dental nurses and the girls on reception - all of you create such a welcoming and safe environment that it is a pleasure to go to the dentist and I have never experienced that before. Thank you all of you from the bottom of my heart, I really appreciate all of you.So, please, if you are reading this, go see Mani, find out for yourself and experience what I have experienced: pure professionalism, absolutely first class work, friendliness and above all an explosion of new found confidence!Thank you Smile Studio, you truly are my super heros xxread more
Claire Salmon
Claire Salmon
15:02 01 Jul 22
The dental hygienist Bee is such a sweetheart, does an amazing job and is very... professionalread more
z mirza
z mirza
20:06 07 Jun 22
Outstanding service, and competence, and nice to see them take such pride in... their work. Because of my long history of not looking properly after my teeth I have had a number of things done and always felt extremely well looked more
Lars Kroijer
Lars Kroijer
13:54 04 Jun 22
My bottom retainer broke on a Friday evening, which led me to having to book an... emergency appointment the following morning with Dr. Mani at The Smile Studios. Although, at the time, I wasn't registered here, and Dr. Mani was completely booked up, he still managed to find the time to slot me in to help me out. Not only did he save me from being in massive discomfort over the weekend, but he did the BEST job at fixing it. I am extremely grateful for this!read more
Camille Munday
Camille Munday
09:31 28 May 22
Visited doctor Mani today, did some fillings and restorations. It was a really... good experience. Everything was done professionally, fast and completely painless!read more
Stanislau Arkhipenka
Stanislau Arkhipenka
09:03 28 May 22

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Weekend Dental Practice – Open on Sundays Richmond

Not everyone always has the time to make a dental appointment during the week. At The Smile Studios in Richmond, we offer weekend dental appointments (i.e. on Saturdays and Sundays) for those patients too busy to come to our practice during the week. We treat adults and children on the weekends just as we do during the week.

We provide the same level of quality treatments for Saturday and Sunday appointments as we do for the patients that visit us during regular business hours on a weekday.

Our experienced Saturday Dentists will take care of whatever you may need. We offer General Dentistry treatments including teeth cleaning and preventative treatments.

We can take care of broken teeth and crowns on the weekend. If you need a white filling or a sinus lift, we can also provide that during our Saturday and Sunday hours. Our dentist also performs root canal treatments.

We also do Implant Dentistry on the weekends, including bone grafting and dental implants.

We even perform Cosmetic Dentistry, including Orthodontics and Braces.

Weekend Dental Appointments in Richmond, TW9

Our weekend dental surgery will also take care of any dental emergency you may have during our Saturday and Sunday weekend hours. Just call us and our dental professionals will do whatever they can to address your problems.

If you find you have a dental emergency outside of our regular weekend hours, we can help. We will arrange for our patients with genuine emergencies to meet with one of our dentists outside normal weekend hours whenever necessary.

Call us over the weekend too, if you find you have a dental problem and need home healthcare advice. We can give advice on alleviating pain and, in the case of a damaged tooth, what steps you might need to take to minimise possible further damage.

At The Smile Studios in Richmond, don’t hesitate to contact us for all your weekend dental needs.

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