Covid Announcement

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Covid Announcement

Dear Valued Patient,

We hope that you all have been safe during this pandemic. COVID-19 has truly disrupted our way of living and what we believed was a safe world.
Keeping our patients healthy and safe, has always been at the heart of The Smile Studios ethos in our patient care.

With restrictions being lifted from Monday the 19th of July, this does not apply to healthcare settings, and all existing infection control and prevention measures will remain in place.

For your protection and that of our patients and colleagues, this means that we must continue to:

• Maintain social distance
• Wear a facemask
• Wash or sanitize hands regularly

We are doing everything possible to ensure everyone’s safety and working hard to source a continued supply of the correct personal protective equipment (PPE).
We will be conducting a pre-screening assessment of patients on bookings, and prior to the appointment you will be asked a few questions and your body temperature will be taken and recorded.
In order to maintain social distancing where possible we will ask you to come at the exact time of your appointment and cover your mouths with a mask/scarf. We will be leaving suitable gaps between appointments to avoid crowding in the waiting area to be able to maintain a safe distance between patients.

Private and NHS Dentistry

We will be providing ALL routine dentistry, prioritizing patients who have urgent problems and providing Aerosol Generating Procedures- AGP (procedures that involve use of high-speed drill, ultrasonic machine, airflow, such as fillings, crowns/bridges, surgical extractions that involve use of high-speed drill, root canal treatment, scale and polish with Hygienist, periodontal treatments, orthodontic procedures, Dental Implant surgery…etc).

PPE Surcharges

Due to the nature of this virus, we are forced to temporarily introduce a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Surcharge.

This will be priced at £20 for all Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGP) such as fillings/crowns and any procedure that requires drilling or generates aerosol inside the mouth.
We will also have to apply this PPE Surcharge of £5 for any Hygienist appointment. This surcharge will continue to run until the Government and our dental authorities can allow us to terminate the use of advanced PPE within the dental settings.

We understand that during this time finances are limited and people have been placed under extreme financial pressure, however, we must ensure safety whilst ensuring that we are maintaining your well-being at all times, as your safety is our priority and we will continue to provide you with the best care and treatment, as always.

Yours faithfully

The Smile Studios Dental Group

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