How many dentists are working at your practice?


All in all, there are twenty-one (21) duly-registered dental care professionals working at The Smile Studios. At the Richmond office, there are seven (7) full-time dental personnel; at Palmer’s Green, there are also seven (7); and at Heston, there are five (5). The Smile Studios’ overall Clinical Director Mani Bhardwaj (GDC 83793) divides his time among the three offices, as does Narinder Dhadwal (GDC 114919), who is a periodontist specialist.

The Richmond staff is comprised of Hardip Dhatt (GDC 82909) who is an orthodontic dentist; Rahail Ahmad (GMC 6074722) who is a dental sedationist; Kristina Lian (GDC 74054) who is an associate dentist; Nicola Sharma (GDC 155958) who is also an associate dentist; Antonio Tarsia (GDC 24338) who is an associate and endodontic dentist; and, Bee Zafar (GDC 4593) who is a hygienist.

At Palmer’s Green, the in-house staff is composed of Kathy Jones (GSC 51848) who is an associate dentist; Connie Pascal (GDC 60812) who is also an associate dentist; Arti Sharma (GDC 177656) who is also an associate dentist; Shenol Palmer (GDC 4228) who is a hygienist; Junior Duffus (GDC 3689) who is also a hygienist; Munir Ravalia (GDC 80995) who is a sedation dentist; and, Danny Temkin who is a dental implantologist surgeon.

The Heston staff is made up of Kashmira Ubhi who is an associate specialist prosthodontist; Anoop Sharma (GDC 154469) who is an associate dentist; Pooja Shah (GDC 178559) who is an associate dentist; Amratpal Bains (GDC 114459) who is a dental hygienist and therapist; Natalie Siriwardena who is a hygienist and a paediatric nurse.

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