Botox & wrinkle smoothing treatments


As we age, the normal, continuous use of our facial muscles gradually wears away the collagen beneath the skin and causes lines, creases and wrinkles to appear. Botox and other similar skin smoothing branded treatments like Vistabel, Dysport and Xeomin help to relax these muscles, preventing the formation of such facial lines, creases and wrinkles. This type of treatment affects only the specific muscles injected. It leaves the surrounding muscles to function as usual and allows for normal facial expressions, albeit with less wrinkles.

Botox and similar branded injectable muscle relaxing treatments is favored by clients who wish to address such problems as unsightly frown lines between the eyes, crow’s feet, forehead lines, wrinkles on the side of the nose and other telltale signs of growing old. It is also often resorted to in order to reduce lip lines, correct gummy smiles and nasal flaring and otherwise improve certain aesthetics of the facial structure.

Botox and related brands are the trade names for botulinum toxin, a purified form of protein and neurotoxin that can block overactive nerve impulses responsible for triggering excessive muscle contractions. However, the effect of the induced muscle relaxation is temporary and, depending on the individual patient and indication, can only last from approximately three to ten months. In any event, it is important to have a prior consultation with a medical professional before treatment to determine whether there is any contra-indication with Botox. For some cases, like when the client has a neurological condition or is hypersensitive to Botox, it may not be advisable to proceed.

The commercial use of Botox for cosmetic purposes has been widely-researched and is already approved in about 85 countries. It is safe, effective, relatively painless and easy to apply. A typical treatment consists of a few quick injections of tiny amounts of Botox under the skin using very fine needles. For adults aged between 18 and 65, the procedure is carried out with a small needle that is inserted into the source of the lines, creases or wrinkles by a registered professional. The entire process can take only about 20 minutes to complete. No sedation or local anesthesia is needed. Following the treatment, there will be no visible sign other than a slight bruising or redness of the skin at and around the area injected. This is temporary and should disappear after a short while.

Normally, the results of the Botox treatment will become apparent within two to ten days following the procedure. The full effects of treatment should be quite noticeable in about two weeks. At this point, because of differences in muscle tone, some individuals may be found needing additional Botox injections in order to achieve the desired result. Based on averages, the effects of a single wrinkle smoothing injection treatment can last up to 4 months. By or near the end of this period, there will be a gradual return of the line, crease or wrinkle. Once this point is reached, another treatment cycle may be in order. Typically, clients prefer to have regular quarterly Botox treatments in order to maintain the desired facial appearance. Especially for those whose lifestyle, or livelihood, depends on looking youthful, Botox will need to be injected on a regular basis.

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