White Fillings Richmond

White Fillings TW9

White fillings offer a beautiful filling alternative to amalgam (silver) fillings. Their composite resin material is able to be perfectly colour-matched to your natural teeth colour, allowing for seamless decay repairs.

Tooth Colours Fillings

Extremely durable and proven safe, white fillings are a treatment choice that promotes good dental health and while offering full decay protection and tooth functionality.

The potential toxicity of amalgam fillings may prompt your caring Smile Studios dentist to recommend replacing your amalgam fillings with white fillings, especially if they appear to be severely worn, loose, or damaged.

White fillings made of fine dental composites allow the treatment of decay to be made without the unsightly reminder of visible amalgam (silver) fillings. Strong, long lasting and essentially invisible, white fillings are an attractive and beneficial treatment option.

Tooth Whitening Richmond

Teeth Whitening Richmond

Teeth Whitening - Before/After

Tooth Whitening - Before/After

Tooth Whitening - Before/After