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The Smile Studios Dental Spa is located in the heart of Richmond’s High Street, contributing to the surrounding vibrant atmosphere.

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Once you arrive, you will discover a welcoming environment filled with soothing décor, state of the art technology, and an expert dental team that cares deeply about you and your dental health. At The Smile Studios Richmond, our treatments are highly personalised, yet very affordable. We believe quality dental care does not have to be expensive. Our skilled dentists, hygienists, and cosmetic technicians approach patient care as being unique to each individual – customising therapies and techniques to achieve the best results for each person we treat. Specialising in Dental Implants, Facial Rejuvenation, and all aspects of Cosmetic and General Dentistry, The Smile Studios offers only the very latest in proven technologies and techniques. Our highly trained dental team regularly pursue specialist courses at premier dental centres around the world, including Sao Paulo, Paris, California, and Gothenburg.

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We are also delighted to offer Facial Aesthetics techniques that enable the painless rejuvenation and enhancement of your facial features – simply accepting age-defining wrinkles and coarsened skin textures are a thing of the past with The Smile Studios exquisite treatments. Having the fundamental Oral Health in mind we tailor the treatments to each patients needs and budget to ensure the experience is as comfortable as possible. options as 0% finance plans and having high tech CBCT Scanners help us ebsure we are at the cutting edge of dentistry yet still as affordable to make it possible for those dreams to become reality.

Quality Dentistry Richmond

Our primary concern is your comfort and satisfaction with all recommended treatments undertaken at The Smile Studios . Therefore, we make every effort to discuss your concerns or anxieties and listen to your needs and wishes in order to make your visits with us the best experience possible, to aid this we even offer sedation services to help reduce anxiety and gain confidence again. At our Practice, we know the importance of a beautiful, confident smile and we ever aspire to help every patient wear their most dazzling, healthy smile.

We look forward to seeing you very soon. Click here to contact us.

Our team

Mani Bhardwaj - Clinical Director

Dr. Mani Bhardwaj

Clinical Director

After qualifying from St Bartholomews and The Royal London School of Medicine and Dentistry with Distinction Honour's. I began working in the general dental sector and also at a Harley Street Cosmetic Surgery, where I continued to develop my cosmetic and advanced restorative dentistry skills. I then decided to pursue international studies in the US, Brazil and France. Following this, I became one of the first UK dentists to be a specialist in Dental Implants from a prestigious Sao Paulo University. I founded The Smile Studios, where my team and I maintain and develop our high standards of dental services. I lecture at national and international events, my studies have also been published in international journals and more recently, I’ve been lecturing at national Universities and for the British Dental Association in affiliation with my role as the Philips’ Sonicare Ambassador.

My specialist interests are in cosmetics and dental implants, although I thoroughly enjoy general dentistry as well. My gentle yet preventive approach to dentistry helps my patients to get the best yet minimally invasive techniques so that their teeth can last a lifetime with no worries.

Some of my special simple tips include investing in the right toothbrush. Philips’ Sonicare brushes are the best on the market as they won’t damage your pearly whites. Another handy hint is to chew sugar-free gum after a meal, as it’ll increase saliva flow, while picking up debris – leaving you with a lovely clean mouth!

My schedule gets quite busy as I’m also a visiting surgeon, so travel around the UK performing difficult treatments on patients, which some practices are unable to perform. When I do get some free time, I devote a lot of it to charity work. I’ve been involved in fundraising abroad, in places such as Asia and South America. I also like to catch a Harlequins Rugby match when I can being a keen fan.

GDC reg number: 83793

Hardip Dhatt - Orthodontic Dentist

Dr. Hardip Dhatt

Orthodontic Dentist

After graduating from St. Barts and the Royal London School of Medicine and Dentistry in 2003, Hardip spent most of his clinical time in private general practice. Based in Winchester since 2007, Hardip has a specialist interest in advanced orthodontics, and cosmetic dentistry.

Hardip is the orthodontic partner at The Smile Studios in Richmond and also the Clinical Director of Ringwood dental in Ringwood, Hampshire.

Having studied extensively Hardip has developed a broad range of general dental and cosmetic dental skills.

Hardip is:

  • Invisalign platinum certified, experienced orthodontic dentist.
  • 6 months smile certified. Dr Dhatt is one of the first UK dentists to offer the latest 6 month smiles orthodontic treatment.
  • Member of both the British and American association of cosmetic dentistry.
  • Dermal filler certified with the DFAA.
  • Member of the BDA good practice scheme.
  • Incognito certified.
  • Completed the Michael Wise year long restorative excellence course.

Hardip spends most of his free time at the moment entertaining his baby boy Zail Dhatt, born in September 2010.

He likes keeping fit, playing Sunday league football, golf, and booking himself onto courses all over the world to keep up to date with the latest developments in dentistry.

GDC reg number: 82909

Dr Anastassia Petsjonkina

Dr Anastassia Petsjonkina

Specialist Orthodontist

A graduate from the University of Tartu, Estonia, in 2006, she started her 3-year postgraduate course in Orthodontics. In 2009, she achieved a Postgraduate Diploma in Orthodontics. Since then, she worked in a busy state of the art orthodontic center for more than 6 years.

In 2010, Anastassia has completed the required form of study, passed the examination and acquired the Diploma of Membership in Orthodontics by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

She is an active member of European Orthodontic Society and Institute of Medical Illustrators.

Anastassia enjoys using individual approach in treating patients of all ages. She supports the idea of “face-driven orthodontics”, which focuses on the impact of the treatment on the facial harmony and not just beautiful smile. She is highly competent specialist providing comprehensive treatments with fixed orthodontic appliances as well as with functional appliances that are used in growing patients. She also offers quicker solutions with cosmetic, tooth-shaded braces and“invisible” lingual braces. Anastassia is a certified Invisalign provider.

While developing treatment plans for her patients, she enjoys having the patients involved into discussion giving them an opportunity to choose between different options they might have.

Anastassia has a particular interest in medical photography, which she uses in her everyday practice to document and visualize the progression of treatment.

GDC reg number: 259764

 Asmaa El-Kaddar - Specialist In Periodontics

Dr. Asmaa El-Kaddar

Specialist In Periodontics

BDS (Hons) Lond, MJDF RCS (Engl), MClinDent Perio (Hons) Lond, EFP Cert Perio
Accredited by the European Federation of Periodontology

Asmaa qualified from Guy's, King's and St Thomas' Dental Institute with Honours in the Practice of Clinical Dentistry. This was followed by working in various Oral and Maxillofacial Departments in Portsmouth, Canterbury and Charing Cross Hospital in London as well as within general dental practice and prison dentistry. She gained the MJDF qualification from the Royal College of Surgeons and went on to complete the 3 year Master of Clinical Dentistry in Periodontology at the Eastman Dental Institute and Hospital.

She has presented at the European Association of Osseointegration and the European Federation of Periodontology Symposium.

Asmaa provides a wide range of periodontal therapy including diagnosis and treatment planning, non-surgical as well as surgical periodontal therapy including resective as well as regenerative procedures using a range of biomaterials and periodontal plastic surgery procedures. She also provides all aspect of implant treatment.

GDC reg number: 114637

Rahail Ahmad - Dental Sedationist

Dr. Rahail Ahmad

Dental Sedationist

Qualified from Cardiff Medical School in 2003 as a medical doctor. Having initially trained in Emergency Medicine, He has then entered Paediatric Medical training in 2005. He is currently working as a Specialist Registrar in London Hospitals and completing his training to become a Consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine. He has exceptional experience in Sedating patients of all ages and has been practising Dental Sedation in Private Practice since 2009.

He is a member of the Society for the Advancement of Anaesthesia in Dentistry.

GMC reg number: 6074722

Kristina Lian - Associate Dentist

Dr. Kristina Lian

Associate Dentist

Originally a Swedish Dental Surgeon, and qualified in 1997 from Gothenburg, Sweden. She has several of years experience in general dentistry in the UK and has good expertise in handling nervous patients. Kristina is now specializing in aesthetic dentistry, such as prosthetics, teeth-whitening, orthodontics aligners as Clear Step and other such devices. she is a member of Adapt Dental Group and is keen on her continued hunger for learning by attending course here in the UK and abroad. She is also experienced and qualified to perform facial aesthetics treatments such as wrinkle reducing treatments and Dermal fillers.

GDC reg number: 74054

Nicola Sharma - Associate Dentist

Dr. Nicola Sharma

Associate Dentist

Nicola completed her Dentistry at St. Bartholomew’s and The Royal London School of Medicine and Dentistry in 2008. She received merits and distinctions that contributed to her degree. Once qualified she competitively received an offer to pursue General Professional Training in London. This meant working in a dental practice in Castlenau, Barnes. During her time in general practice she has developed skills in white restoration fillings, endodontic treatment, tooth bleaching and assisted in implant surgery and specialised Periodontic procedures. She also worked at King’s College Dental Hospital in which time she treated and was exposed to complex cases that required referrals by local dentists. She has worked in extensive areas of Dentistry such as Paediatrics, Restorative, Special Care and Oral Medicine. In 2010 whilst working she was awarded her joint membership to the Royal College of Surgeons, England and Faculty of Dental Practitioners.

Nicola also worked at St George’s Hospital and Kingston Hospital, Surrey in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. The post required treating patients involved in trauma, oncology and facial discrepancies. Furthermore during her time there she removed a large number of impacted, broken and infected teeth. Currently she is service providing in Orthodontics as well as undergoing her Masters in Clinical Orthodontics with a national training number to Specialise in Orthodontics. Nicola thoroughly enjoys the dynamic and varied treatments that general practice offers and yet is enthused by the elements of complexity, mechanics and creativity of orthodontics. Ultimately she aims to leave her patients with a healthy, happy and confident smile!

GDC reg number: 155958

Antonio Tarsia

Dr. Antonio Tarsia

Associate & Endodontic Dentist

After achieving a degree in Medical Biotechnology with Honours in 2006, Antonio decided to carry on with his  studies and graduated with a degree in Dentistry incorporating Prosthodontics with Honours in Tor Vergata University in Rome.

Backed by this outstanding and technical knowledge, he started to work in Emergency and Restorative Dentistry departments for Tor Vergata Policlinic in Rome as well as in several Private Practices

Despite the intense clinical work, Antonio continues his professional development attending courses, meeting and keeping himself at the forefront on the latest improvements in Dentistry. Now he enjoys the use of some of the most advanced equipment, materials and techniques available in order to provide high quality dental therapies for his patients.

He a successful history of experience in General Dentistry and a special interest in Endodontics (Root Canal Treatments) and Restorative Dentistry. After attending post-graduate courses focused on these topics and working alongside some of the of the worlds leading experts,  he has now a great track record of experience in successful simple and complex Root Canal Treatments.
Antonio is emphatic and has a gentle caring approach to all his therapies provided, whilst always striving for the most comfortable and effective delivery on his tailored treatment plans.

GDC reg number: 243382

Bee Zafar - Hygienist

Bee Zafar


Ms. Bee Zafar qualified as a Dental Nurse from the Shadd Academy, Montreal, Canada in 1989 and then as a Dental Hygienist from Guy’s Hospital, London in 1994.

Bee is passionate about Oral Health and provides preventive dentistry to the highest level. Her approach kind, caring and gentle so it helps to improve the Oral Health in her patients and then provide educational material to maintain the success achieved.

Her enthusiasm for her work and her drive for perfection makes her the perfect compliment for those patients who are keen to improve and maintain a high level of Oral Hygiene. Bee plays a vital role in the team to help prevent dental problems arising so the dentists can treat the teeth and gum issues.

Bee performs procedures including professional cleaning known as prophylaxis, scaling and root planning for patients with periodontal disease, and providing instructions for proper oral hygiene and care. In addition, to helping maintain a healthy mouth, Bee takes particular care of patients who are having dental implants, cosmetic procedures and orthodontic (braces) treatment.

GDC reg number: 4593

Hounslow Norwood Green Hygienist

Natalie Siriwardena

Hygienist | RDH, RDN, RN

Natalie trained as a Paediatric Nurse in 2009 and worked as a Staff Nurse at West Middlesex Hospital.

Her passion for further learning drove her on to train as a Dental Nurse at St.Bartholomews and The Royal London Hospital gaining her dental nurse qualification in 2012. Natalie continued to further her studies in the dental field therefore she studied Dental Hygiene at the Eastman Dental Hospital completing the diploma course from the Royal College of Surgeons in 2014.

During these two years Natalie treated a wide range of patients with different oral health conditions. Natalie regularly performs hygiene therapy and more advanced non surgical periodontal treatment under local anaesthetic for patients suffering from advanced gum disease.

Natalie aims to further develop her skills and is planning on undertaking further courses in the near future.

In her spare time Natalie loves to keep fit and attends yoga classes and swimming on regular basis. As a keen traveller Natalie has visited many cities across the world and loves to learn their authentic cooking styles too.


5 Hill Street, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 1SX

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