Sedation is found in every dentist practice, but at The Smile Studios, we take special care to ensure you are comfortable and reassured during every procedure and treatment undertaken by our dental experts.

Anxiety and fear about dentist visits can inhibit your ability to heal, the stress of such feelings go beyond emotional turmoil and negatively affect your immune system. Expertly applied sedation options can relieve your anxieties and maximise treatment effectiveness.

Dental Sedation Richmond

Everyone at The Smile Studios understands completely if you suffer from such fears and will take the time necessary to listen to your concerns and recommend the best sedation option for your proposed dental treatments. You are continuously monitored during the use of any sedation, whether inhaling tranquilising gases or under the influence of injected or intravenous medications.

Dental sedations can produce the after effect of drowsiness, so we ask that you have a companion available to drive you home after your dental therapy.