Dental Bridges Richmond

Bridges are a specially created appliance that allows you to regain full functionality when you have lost one or two teeth on one side of your mouth. Each bridge is made from impressions of your existing teeth, providing a perfect fit and natural appearance.

Dental Bridges Heston

Made up of two caps joined to false teeth that replace your lost teeth, a bridge is fixed to your existing teeth allowing you to eat and talk naturally, while protecting the exposed gum and tooth surfaces in and around the gap in your teeth. Bridges also ensure your proper bite alignment is maintained, which helps avoid jaw pain and stress to the rest of your teeth.

Dental Bridges Palmers Green

Your Smile Studios dentist can discuss the benefits of this simple, painless process for eliminating gaps in your teeth.

When a tooth is lost, one replacement option is a bridge. A bridge is a type of dental appliance that uses the teeth adjacent to space left by the lost tooth to anchor a replacement tooth. This involves minor preparation of those supporting teeth, plus the creation and placement of the bridge appliance.