bad breath

Bad breath is often considered to be only a social problem and not as a symptom of tooth decay or gum disease.

Everyone has had a bout with temporary bad breath at some time from

  • Eating foods such as garlic or onion
  • Smoking
  • Irregular brushing habits

These bad breath events are easily overcome by brushing and flossing – regularly. Other bad breath causes are more serious and require the assistance of your dentist or doctor, such as

  • Plaque coating your teeth and gums – requiring a thorough cleaning
  • Infection of gums or severe tooth decay – requiring immediate treatment to stop the infection and treat damaged tissues
  • Sinus or gastro-intestinal illnesses – requiring treatment by your doctor

If you feel your bad breath cannot be tamed by regular brushing and flossing, visit with your Smile Studios dentist to ensure your dental health in not in danger.

The majority of bad breath originates in the mouth, mostly from the tongue, and is caused by plaque that coats your tongue and even the inside of your cheeks. This plaque mixes with decaying food debris and creates bad breath, if not removed by regular brushing, mouth wash, and Tongue Detox. Tongue Detox is a daily tongue cleaning product designed to fresher your breath, give you improved taste, and a healthier mouth.